The Good the Bad and the Useless: Business Cards

The business card is often tantamount to a first impression, you want to make sure it best represents who you are and what you have to offer.  Your name, title and contact information—address, phone, fax and email address should appear on the card, and don’t forget your company logo. It can be easy to go over board with information, so add your website and Facebook URL, where all your company information can be located. While printing techniques are advancing and detailing evolves the “cool factor” will only take you so far. Be sure your card is easily accessible and readable, take into consideration your preferred client. If you are marketing to seniors, consider the size of your text, or a young adult may be drawn to a vibrant flashy card. Business cards are always associated with a memory, leave a positive impact and your card with not be tossed.

While business cards are a great tool, paper cards can’t be updated and shared and tweeted and embedded in all the places you want to be seen. Keeping your business cards handy is always a good idea but also consider an online business card as an option for establishing your online presence.

Puzzle Pieces Marketing can help you create the perfect business card, be it digital or old fashioned, our cards stands out and intrigue the mind.


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