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Stand Up for Homeless Youth – Purchase an iJUMP

Pre-purchase an #iJUMP #smartphone #battery booster on Tuesday November 25th on

For every iJUMP purchased, funds will be donated to StandUp For Kids National and The White Rose Youth Sanctuaries. Just 13 days until launch.

Here’s a sneak peak of the product. Share with your friends and help end the cycle of youth #homelessness.

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FREE? Try it before you buy it. A Lesson Learned from Scott Sigler

Think outside the box when marketing your products and services. Ever consider giving away your product to help reach your target audience? Some say, you should never discount your products as it potentially depreciates the perceived value but allowing a customer to try it before they buy may just be what it takes to get… Continue Reading

Large Jump in Sales after Video

California electronics retailers reported a large jump in sales of hands-free cell phone devices leading up to the ban. According the NPD Research Group, California consumers rushing to comply with the new law, purchased hands-free devices at nearly four times the national average in the months leading up. San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and… Continue Reading

Video – Branding Apple

Brand: Apple Year: 1984, Super Bowl Pretty unnerving TV slot from 1984, advertising Apple’s first commercially available Macintosh computer. A far cry from the cute Mac vs. PC ads of recent years, this campaign was all about branding Apple as a rule-breaker in computer technology. It may not be a coincidence then, that the raspy… Continue Reading

Video Marketing – How to make it work for you

Following the launch of their viral video marketing campaign, “Will it Blend?” in which nonfood items were blended in the company’s blenders, Blendtec’s videos had over 6 million views and an increase in blender retail sales of 700%. The idea was the brainchild of George Wright, Blendtec’s vice president of marketing, who got excited about… Continue Reading

Tips for using online video to market your business

Video is a way for people to connect with you – not just your products and services. By incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy, your company provides your audience the opportunity to see what you do. In addition, video is social. If it’s good, people will share it.  Old Spice’s infamous video marketing campaign began with pragmatic TV ads,… Continue Reading


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