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Holiday Parties: Choosing the Best Venue

Employee appreciation can go a long way when building the foundation of your company culture. With continuing cutbacks and layoffs you might automatically assume that such an extravagant gala isn’t in your budget. Our theory is that unsatisfied staff members and poor employee retention will cost you even more! If you are looking to host…

Holiday Marketing: 7 Creative Tokens of Appreciation

Are you looking for a unique way to show your thanks this holiday season? Whether you are thanking clients, vendors or local business owners for their support throughout the year, these 7 ideas will be sure to say thanks in a fun and festive way. Compiled from Pinterest, each image is linked back to it’s…

When Should You Start Using Marketing Automation Software?

Use content to drive more web visitors, nurtured leads and new sales. Marketing Automation software makes it possible but how much content do you need before you start evaluating your options? Read more for some tips on when to purchase Marketing Automation Software.  

#Hashtags are FINALLY Coming to Facebook

The social network wants to make it easier for users to find content already on Facebook. Over the next few weeks all Facebook users will be able to include clickable hastags in their posts which will make it easier to search and find what other people are saying about specific topics. The feature rolled out to a small percentage…

A Basic Game Plan For Small Business Social Media Success

Yahoo Business Adviser recently posted an article incorporating tips for small business to aid them in developing an identity in social media. The tools and ideas provided can be used to have enduring and long-lasting success when using social media to market your business. Click here to read the full article.