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Social Media – The Best Way to Engage With Others

Social Media – The Best Way to Engage With Others

Social Medi Presentation 2016

Social media marketing has the potential to increase customer engagement, notify company followers about current promotions, and encourage repeat sales. To really succeed at social media engagement, you need to take your strategy a step further by being proactive, listening, and engaging.

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New Holiday AdWords Ads: Text Messaging!

New Holiday AdWords Ads: Text Messaging!

Google AdWords recently announced an additional avenue for connecting customers with the latest holiday deals. This new feature introduces a brand new ad format in which relevant sale notifications are delivered directly to potential customers via text message. The system runs via an opt-in basis where promotional messages are specific to and tailored towards products for which a user has expressed… Continue Reading

Marketing Tips for Small Business Saturday

Marketing Tips for Small Business Saturday

With Small Business Saturday approaching on November 28th, how have you prepared for it? Small Business Saturday encourages people to shop small and local. Small Business Saturday is not just about the day or the holidays; it’s about spreading the word about your business and building exposure throughout the year.  By not just focusing on a single… Continue Reading

Why do people unfollow brands on Social Media?

Losing followers on your social media channels provides you with a learning opportunity. In a recent survey conducted by groups Fractl and Buzzstream, 900 social media users were asked about their “unfollow behavior” in order to better understand what brands are doing wrong and how they can correct their behavior.  21 percent of survey participants said they unfollow… Continue Reading


This Infographic depicts some of the search engine opitmization (SEO) changes of the future and the statistics to give the audience a better understanding of the data.  For those unfamiliar with the term SEO, it is an acronym that describes the process that affects the visibility of a website and can hinder or help your… Continue Reading

Why Have the Google Gods Taketh Away the +1 Total?

Today was like any other day when I woke up, walked to the coffee shop, and returned back home to my computer. I sat down, and after a few sips of my java, I realized a new feature in Google+ was added! At first glance, I was excited to finally be able to really get… Continue Reading


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