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Email Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

Email Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

Email Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

Have a Primary Call to Action

Focus on a single call to action in your email, make it obvious and keep it simple. What is the one thing you want people to do with your email?  You only have a few seconds to capture people’s attention and to get them to take action. Put your call to action front and center and don’t waste time getting to the point.

Keep on a Regular Schedule

The best way to make sure your organization is sending messages regularly is to calendar and schedule emails ahead of time each quarter. You may have to adjust deadlines, but if they are calendared, you have a method of holding yourself accountable.

Personalize Your Email

The most effective content is personalized to the reader. Make certain to include their name in the subject line.  Try to incorporate any information that relates to their behavior or donations you have on record.

Focus on Subscriber Segments

Find out which causes and interests are the most important to each segment of your audience and focus messages around those topics.

For example, send a follow up email to let a donor know how their money is being used. Remain engaged with your donors so you can inspire them to do more. Include photos of real people and projects that have benefitted from their donations to make your interactions even more personal.

Remember the User Experience

Make sure your email looks good and is appealing. Don’t forget to take into consideration that 65% of all emails get opened on a mobile.

  • Provide plenty of white space
  • Keep links spaced apart and easy to access with a small touch screen
  • Test email load times and keep them short

Track Your Performance

To optimize the performance of your email, you need to keep track of the key metrics. We strongly recommend tracking the following elements:

  • Open Rate: Percentage of people who received your email and opened it
  • Click-Through Rate: Percentage of people who clicked on a link within your email.
  • Subscription Growth: Determines if your list of supporters and donors are increasing
SEO Tips for Nonprofits

SEO Tips for Nonprofits

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is essential if you want to compete for space on the search engines…even for nonprofits. Here are some simple tips to get the best SEO for your nonprofit organization. Research the most relevant and popular keywords that apply to your business. Tools like Google AdWords Keyword Tool can provide assistance with this more » Continue Reading

4 Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

4 Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

    USE IMAGES AND VIDEOS Pictures and videos receive more clicks and engagement on social channels than text. Attaching images to your content is one sure way to increase engagement on your posts. Pinterest is a highly underused social media channel by nonprofits. If your nonprofit organization doesn’t have a Pinterest profile, GET ONE! You are potentially missing more » Continue Reading

Taylion San Diego Academy Celebrates the Grand Opening of Their Vista Location

Taylion San Diego Academy Celebrates the Grand Opening of Their Vista Location

Vista, CA., August 24, 2015 – Mark your calendars! Taylion San Diego Academy along with the Vista Chamber of Commerce will celebrate the official grand opening of its Vista location on September 17th, at 1pm. Taylion Academy staff and school leaders invite everyone to come out and enjoy the festivities of the The Grand Opening and more » Continue Reading

Why should you spend more time on Instagram in 2015?

Why should you spend more time on Instagram in 2015?

Instagram has transformed into a serious social networking site with great potential for businesses to reach their audience. Visual content in social media continues to dominate in terms of engagement. Instagram is quickly becoming the best platform for marketers to interact with consumers and research shows the app has higher engagement than Facebook. Continue Reading

Why do people unfollow brands on Social Media?

Losing followers on your social media channels provides you with a learning opportunity. In a recent survey conducted by groups Fractl and Buzzstream, 900 social media users were asked about their “unfollow behavior” in order to better understand what brands are doing wrong and how they can correct their behavior.  21 percent of survey participants said they unfollow more » Continue Reading


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